Ask Grand Master Lu: Birthdays

Question: How are birthdays celebrated in China? What is the meaning of birthdays?

Answer: Instead of birthday cake, Chinese traditionally give noodles and eggs on birthdays. The noodles represent long life and hard-boiled eggs represent peace. So the wish is for you to have a long, peaceful life.

Birthdays allow you to recognize your life’s purpose—your spirit. Spirit is who you are; it’s energy. On this day, many years ago, you came to Earth to fulfill your purpose, your own promise. Without this promise and a promise from the Universe, you would not be able to exist in this reality. Life is based on the promise of the future.

In the Chinese horoscope there are four elements: year, month, day, time. On the year you were born, you gathered all of the information you needed for your life. The particular month you were born represents action. Why were you born in February and not March? That has a purpose. You had gathered enough energy and you took action in the month you were born. So Chinese usually say the year and the month are more important than the day and the time.

We are all stars that come from the Universe. During your birthday, all the stars are shining for you. Because we celebrate together, the stars shine for us, too! But remember, if you don’t celebrate yourself, you can never truly celebrate others. So appreciate your own birthday, and be happy on your birthday. Make a wish and do something that you want to do—something that makes you happy.