Qigong: An Awareness of Body, Mind, and Spirit

Have you given thought to the many ways your body supports you?  Your heart beats, carrying blood throughout your body. Your stomach digests food that your mouth ingests and your teeth grind, in order to provide working energy. Your legs and feet provide physical support. When you stop to think about the many ways your body parts work together, it’s an incredible awareness! We are not just a collection of parts put together in assembly-line fashion, but a  highly mechanized, living, breathing, thinking machine. What would we do without eyes to see and hands to feel?

Often times, we take what we have for granted, because we’re so used to having it there. The realization of our dependence on one part or another may only come with an injury. If you’ve ever hurt your leg or broken your toe, you give ultimate thanks for legs and feet that can carry you from place to place. But our body’s gifts go far beyond what we can see, touch, and feel.

Yes, it’s true—our five senses allow us to explore the world in incredible ways. But are we using our gifts to their fullest potential? Do your eyes only see what’s in front of you or is there more to explore? The world is full of mysterious gifts. Science tells us we only know 4% of the entire universe. What else is out there? What is the 96%? Imagination is the key that allows you to connect the visible world we readily experience with the invisible world that is ours to explore.

Many masters use Qigong practice as a vehicle to go beyond their five senses. By building your energy practice, you create a different type of knowledge within you. How much knowledge have you built up throughout your life? You go to school, study, and gain different types of knowledge. Many careers require certain degrees, so you follow the steps in order to meet the requirement. But experiencing energy allows you to cultivate a different type of knowledge—an awareness that is yours for life.

Is this path for you? Can you use Qigong to truly discover your hidden potential?