Jane and Muriel’s Story: Using Qigong to Heal Carpal Tunnel

Seven years ago, my mom (who was then 84 years old) started developing some tingling, pain and numbness in her right wrist and hand. She went to her doctor, who said it was probably the beginnings of carpal tunnel. He gave her a wrist brace to wear at night to see if that would help. It didn’t. The symptoms worsened. She would wake up at night with her whole arm extremely numb and shooting pain in her wrist. She was referred to a surgeon who confirmed the diagnosis of carpal tunnel. The only option provided was surgery as carpal tunnel is incurable. Well, she didn’t like that answer or the idea of surgery.

As a Tao of Healing Medical Qigong practitioner, I knew the power of Qigong. Through its practice, I had experienced my own health benefits. When I mentioned Qigong to my mom, she was very open to trying it. I taught her a Qigong movement that I knew would help energy flow more freely through her afflicted area.

She practiced while sitting down for about 10 minutes 2-3 times each day. Almost immediately she had pain relief, and by the third week, her symptoms were completely gone. She tells everyone she knows about Qigong and how it healed her in a natural and non-invasive way. My mom will be 92 this year and still remains happy and comfortable.

-Jane Duncan and her mom, Muriel Robinson


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