Ancient Lineage: What Is at the Root of Your Practice?

“Lineage is very important. Different lineage is a different path to lead you to the destiny. They say master can only show the gate. You have to go through it. That’s called lineage training. You have to connect to the invisible.” -Grand Master Nan Lu

Qigong is not simply a form of exercise. Sure, you stretch the body and loosen your muscles and joints while practicing. That’s a result of your practice. Qigong is energy work. When you practice, you connect with your body’s meridians. In stretching your meridians, Qi is able to flow through the body, creating harmony, allowing communication, and waking up the body’s intuition.

There are many Qigong masters out there and even more forms of Qigong. So how do you know which to follow? When choosing a form of Qigong to practice, understand the lineage of the master and his master. Where does this line of Qigong come from? How powerful is it?

Grand Master Nan Lu comes from a powerful line of masters. Their wisdom—and his—are conveyed through each and every movement. Watch the video below to learn more. Then learn more about Wu Ming Qigong and join an upcoming practice.