Soup’s On! Are You Ready?

It’s time to nurture yourself! Our Winter Qi Re-set, beginning January 15th, will deliver comforting soup recipes and Qigong practices to help you do just that. Why soup? The essence of Winter is cold. By introducing a steady diet of soups, you will warm the body to help ward off illness and allow the digestive system to deeply rest. With the addition of Qigong practice, the body responds with a deep sense of gratitude. Our true goal is to help you discover your body’s healing wisdom.

The 7-Day Winter Qi Re-Set is the start of a full year of wellness. Experience how turning within can result in unbelievable changes. Here’s what you can expect:

  1. Qigong postures to practice daily
  2. Two informative conference calls with Grand Master Lu
  3. 7-Day eating plan complete with recipes
  4. Mid-week “Ask Your Questions” support call
  5. Tips and guidelines to follow throughout Winter
  6. Online support via Facebook
  7. A private portal with access to instructional Qigong video, eating plan, replays of conference calls, links to recipes, links to Facebook, Zoom links, and helpful tips

Last Chance to Register!

Learn more and register for the Winter Qi Re-Set. Program begins Sunday, January 15th.