Pure Qi: Soup’s On in the New Year

“To have pure Qi you must have a clean body.” -Grand Master Lu

Traditional Chinese medicine is all about balance. Many of us spend the whole year caring for those around us—parents, siblings, children, coworkers. Now is the time to turn that nurturing energy inward.

In winter, when the air is cold and the snowflakes are swirling, nothing says T.L.C. better than a warm bowl of soup. A steady diet of soups will warm the body and allow the digestive system to take a rest.

In our Pure Qi: 7-Day Nourishing Soup Cleanse, you’ll learn how to turn inward and feed your body what it needs to function at its potential. Grand Master Lu will guide you in supporting the body by eating lightly, meditating, and discovering how to leverage winter’s energy for your vitality. As an added layer this session, he will focus on how to connect winter’s energy with your birth element for maximum healing.

We invite you to join us (virtually) for a nourishing 7-day cleanse, January 14-21, 2018.


Still looking for that perfect last-minute gift? A 7-day self-healing experience from the comfort of home is priceless.

Gift certificates are available until January 5. Call us at 212-274-1079 to purchase.