Letting It All Go: Emotional Cleansing for Mind-Body-Spirit Health

Considering doing a cleanse or detox in the New Year to jump-start your health resolutions? For the most powerful and beneficial results, it’s important to choose a program that not only provides food guidance, but also includes an emotional and energetic cleansing component.

We accumulate “stuff” on the emotional level as well as the physical level—it’s just part of daily life, a normal part of human experience. However, a thorough clean-up now and again is necessary, especially if we start to feel or see ourselves “weighed down” physically and emotionally!

Because everything is interconnected in mind, body, and spirit energetically, the real underlying cause of excess weight or other physical ailments is almost always related to what we’ve held on to emotionally. You are what you eat, but on a deeper level, you are what you feel and think! To manifest your best and healthiest body, it’s important to clean up your emotional “garbage.” Just as we let go of physical waste daily, we must process and let go of emotions and experiences that continue to “weigh us down” spiritually and mentally.

Feeling lighter is not just about eating clean or getting rid of those extra pounds. Oftentimes, when we have difficulty with giving away extra weight or resolving physical issues, it’s because somewhere, deep within, one is also weighed down with stress, negative beliefs about ourselves, or other emotional troubles, such as sadness, fear, or worry.

If you’ve been stuck in an emotional rut for weeks, months, years even, and aren’t flowing energetically, you can bet that stuff is getting stuck in your body on a physical level! To really get the most out of any detox or cleansing program, consider taking the time to include daily meditations, energy exercises, and stress-relieving techniques to get in touch with what you’re holding onto emotionally, and to release those energetic accumulations.

Our upcoming Taoist soup cleanse program is a perfect way to take action to truly become lighter in mind-body-spirit. Read more here.