Why a Liver Cleanse is a MUST in the Spring

Take a moment to visualize what happens in Spring: Nature renews itself from the inside-out. An incredible force is at work deep within the earth, pushing plants upward and raising the sap in trees so leaves can grow outward. This force is vital energy, or Qi, and without it, nothing can grow or live. We can follow Nature’s lead and use the special quality of Spring’s energy to heal ourselves over the next few months. We can mirror Nature’s renewal and deeply renew ourselves!

The state of your health in Spring sets the stage for the entire year. This is another reason why self-healing in Spring is so powerful. If your health is compromised, it can show up later in a variety of health issues. Chinese medicine understands that a person’s health is determined by the quantity and quality of their Qi. When your Qi is low or unbalanced, it does not flow freely and the body’s organs cannot communicate harmoniously. Over time, this energetic imbalance translates to physical “symptoms” as the body sends us messages to cue us in to the disconnect. The symptoms progress until we take real action to fix the root cause of the imbalance.

What happens on the physical level first happens on the energetic level. Why not take this once-a-year opportunity to create wellness? Start your Spring cleaning from within!


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Qi Thursdays: (Complimentary, ongoing) A certified Dragon’s Way Qigong instructor leads the group in a 30-minute practice of our powerful meditation, The Dragon Stands Between Heaven and Earth. Class meets virtually every Thursday, 7:30 PM (EST).
Tao of Morning Qigong: (Ongoing) In his traditional teaching style, Grand Master Lu Class challenges the group to reach higher levels of awareness through Qigong practice. Class meets virtually every Tuesday and Saturday morning, 8:00 AM (EST) with support sessions.
Liver Qi ReSet: (Upcoming) Liver Qi is on the rise! Learn to flow harmoniously with Nature, as Grand Master Lu challenges all participants to reach new levels of health and healing. This 7-day journey begins March 19, 2023.
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