Your Holiday Survival Guide

Holidays are an exciting and festive time, with lots of good cheer and merriment. But they can also be a bit exhausting. Winter’s natural energy is that of slowing down and going within. Animals spend most of the season hibernating. Don’t you often feel like staying in and snuggling up near a warm fire?

If you’re feeling a bit worn down as the end of the year approaches, give yourself permission to take it easy. Nature does it, so why not go with nature? The more we go with nature’s energetic ebb and flow and conserve our energy, the more we can stay healthy in mind-body-spirit this holiday season.

Here are a few other holiday healing tips from Grandmaster Nan Lu that will keep you and your loved ones in tiptop mind-body-spirit shape during this busy season.

1) Indulge in moderation! Limiting your portions of holiday sweets conserves your Stomach’s energy, which is important for good metabolism function.

2) Stay warm and eat warm! Bundle up–and be sure to protect your neck and your legs–to conserve your Qi. Why spend your Qi keeping warm when it’s an easy fix? Enjoy warm and cooked foods, which will help your Stomach function better.

3) Minimize holiday stress by seeking healthy outlets! Dealing with stress in constructive, practical ways saves your energy for healing purposes. Break eggs or sing out loud! Get a family sing-a-long going and join in on the laughter. The energetic vibration of breaking or screaming/singing loudly is particularly good for your Liver, the organ most affected by stress.