Qigong and Stress: How to Restore Balance

One of the most important ways to foster cardiovascular health doesn’t involve a treadmill, elliptical, or a visit to the gym. The secret is Qigong. This ancient energy practice asks you to delve within in order to wake up your innate healing. And it’s a highly effective way to promote heart health.

Cardiovascular health remains at the top of the list of wellness concerns in the United States. Experts largely attribute this to our stress-filled, all-work-no-play mentality that pervades our modern lifestyles. Rather than find ways to lighten their load, many people allow themselves to acclimate to a higher level of stress. If you think about this in terms of a vibration, chronic stress turns a smooth, beautiful melody into a choppy arrangement of sounds.

Even a moderate amount of stress impacts cardiovascular health. Stress zaps your energy. This constant energy drain causes major wear and tear on your body and imbalances the energetic functioning of your organs. The bulk of the impact falls on the Liver, the organ most easily unsettled by stress, anxiety, and depression.

According to the Five Element Consciousness Framework, each organ shares a special mother-child relationship with another organ. The Liver is the mother of the Heart. When Mom is feeling tired, cranky, or frazzled, the child feels it! Similarly, when the Liver is asked to continually process stress, its function wanes and it cannot fully support its child, the Heart. Over time, this chronic energy imbalance may manifest as a physical imbalance.

The easiest way to prevent stress from impacting you is also the simplest one. With consistent Qigong practice, you can boost your Qi and once again achieve a state of balance. When you are in balance, you reach a state of joy. The fundamental purpose of Qigong is to open ourselves to our connection with the Universe, and understand that all is as it should be, and all is created for good. Internalizing this message deep inside your spirit is a shortcut to true joy.

Rather than getting rid of the stress-inducing circumstances—your unfair boss, your financial situation, your difficult marriage—you’ve now transcended them. Things which used to drive you up the wall no longer bother you. You’ve figured out that your story, no matter its dark and twisty turns, is the story of the Universe: always a love story, and always with a happy ending. And we all know that our Hearts beat most joyfully to a good love story—in this case, the ultimate love story of all!


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Begin practicing The Dragon Stands Between Heaven and Earth. This powerful standing meditation is used in all of our Qigong programs. Hold it for 5 minutes at first, and eventually work your way up to 30 minutes or more. The longer you hold the posture, the more benefit you’ll receive.

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