Marcy’s Story: The Power of Dragon’s Way Qigong

Several years before I discovered Dragon’s Way Qigong®, an acupuncturist was reading my pulse and suggested I might have Mitral Valve Prolapse (MVP). One year later, I visited a cardiologist, where I was in fact diagnosed with a mild case of MVP. I didn’t think much of it because I felt healthy. I was running every day, practicing yoga almost daily and ate a vegetarian diet. I was the “picture of health”, as my dad used to say. Despite feeling healthy, I did have symptoms of fatigue, and on occasion, heart palpitations and sharp chest pains. Now I understand that I was overdoing it and actually taxing my heart by running every day.
Fast forward to a couple of years ago when I was getting my blood pressure taken. I expected the nurse to report a low blood pressure—it was always abnormally low (another symptom of MVP). She said that it was perfect. In addition, all of my symptoms related to MVP had resolved. So, what had changed? In 2011, in between my diagnosis and this recent doctor visit, I discovered Dragon’s Way Qigong. It changed my life!
Last week, I had another echocardiogram to prove what I already intuitively knew—I no longer had MVP. The miracle of Qigong practice goes a long way!
-Marcy Scott

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