Faith: The Foundation of Qigong

The basis of Qigong is absolute faith. Everything rests on uncovering this faith in your heart. There can be no personal transformation, no real change without this faith. It is faith that believes that anything is possible, that anything can happen at any time, that horizons are boundless, and that human life is meant for a destiny far beyond what our minds can imagine. When you have this kind of faith, there is nothing you cannot accomplish. And it is this faith that gives you hope to keep trying, even when things seem hopeless.

You must understand one very important point about the journey of faith. You walk alone; no one can really help you, because it is all about your personal journey. While you can borrow money, and even knowledge, you cannot borrow another person’s experience. You think you can help one another; but truly you cannot. You can only witness one another. The best help you can give one another is to change your own life, and let it be seen as a sign of hope to your companions.

A good Master is in your life to help you see things about yourself that you could not see on your own. But you should understand from the beginning that the master does not help in the manner that is typical of human relationships. The master is not here to serve your human personality but to help you uncover your deepest, most spiritual self. You learn quickly that you are not in this kind of practice to have your ego stroked, your feelings validated, or your mind satisfied. In fact, the opposite is true: your ego will be smashed, your feelings dismissed, and your mind challenged. This is the way the master expresses his unconditional love for his students.

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