Winter Is Just Around the Corner

While we have been transitioning to Winter for about one month, Winter Solstice—on December 21—officially marks the start of the season. In many seasonal locations, the leaves have just about finished falling, and a dusting of snow may have even covered the ground. In preparation for Winter, we take out our snow shovels and dust off our winter gear. But we must also prepare our bodies, minds, and spirits for the journey ahead.

During the Winter season, all of Nature slows down energetically for a long rest. Animals hibernate in their warm dens, birds migrate to warmer climates, and trees weather the snow with a peaceful quiescence. This is how Earth recharges and restores its balance. Deep healing comes with deep rest.

The vibrant growth of Spring and Summer necessitates that every year, Nature energetically enters the opposite state for a time, recharging its energy reserves to best support an exciting output of life and creation. It’s Nature’s yin to its yang—you can’t have one without the other. Nature continually strives for balance.

Human beings are creatures of Nature. And we are best served by following natural law as closely as possible. So as we embark on yet another holiday season, give yourself permission to slow down and stay in. Sleep late instead of waking up at dawn to go to the gym. Put away your laptop and smartphone after dinner, relax with a glass of wine—or hot tea—next to a warm fire, and head to bed early. Remember to enjoy the moments and take life at a slow pace. And you may find that when Spring comes around again, you’ll feel better than ever—refreshed, and bursting with energy to take on all of life’s exciting challenges.

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