Eyes on the Prize—You!

Ever since early childhood, we’ve been taught to seek out the truth to any given situation. We’ve worked hard from toddler years through adulthood, with our eyes on a given prize.  Often those prizes have come in the form of a trophy, a pat on the back, a bouquet of flowers or a financial bonus. While it’s wonderful to be recognized for talents and contributions, these are prime examples of how we spend our lives looking outward.

It often feels impossible to step off the racetrack of life and take a step back. Lives are harried, jobs are demanding and responsibilities abound. Still, when we have questions, need approvals or are simply looking for a little boost, we often look outside of ourselves. In looking outward, it’s easy to lose sight of our own inner wants and needs.

Grand Master Nan Lu often says, ‘The answers are always found within.”

Some might say, “Ask Siri!” or “Google it!”. Sure, you can find textbook answers to just about anything online. However, to find the ultimate truth, the only place to look is within yourself. No matter what you’re searching for, a deeply rooted journey will always reveal the truth.

Many educators will agree that the best way for children to learn is to have them experience the content. Let’s say the topic is the Fall season. Reading about Nature’s changes brings you to one level of understanding. A Nature walk brings you to another. But to really experience Nature, you must envelop yourself in it. Breathe in the crisp air, observe each and every leaf, feel the wind blowing across your face and listen to the sound of the leaves crunching beneath your feet. When you experience what’s around you, you bring it within.

Spend some time over this holiday season truly experiencing life. Allow yourself to tune in to the sights and sounds of what’s around you. Immerse yourself in Nature. Listen to your body’s messages—it’s aches and pains (or lack thereof). What are these messages telling you? Once you turn your focus back inward, you begin to see the real prize in life—you! This prize has been waiting there all along.