Let Love Grow

In everything you do, let love grow.

As you complete simple, daily tasks, like laundry, cooking and making beds, let love grow.

As you breathe in the crisp, early-morning ocean air, let love grow.

As you step away from your computer and close your eyes, breathing calmly and freely, let love grow.

As you snuggle your pets and kiss your children, let love grow.

As you watch an old home video and listen to tiny voices laughing freely, let love grow.

As you walk outside and view the star-filled sky, taking in the enormity of all the beauty that surrounds you, let love grow.

Allow yourself to experience the silly things. Laugh, live, and enjoy each and every moment.

Recognize your breath, your smile.

Feel your heartbeat from within. Listen to its sound and its pattern.

Look at your feet. Thank them for holding you up and supporting you every day.

Use them: dance, jump and twirl around your living room.

Hike to the top of a mountain and experience the great outdoors.

Be free. Live in the moment.

Find joy from within. And then share it.

We are in this world together.

Hold each other up. Be a shoulder to cry on and a friend to laugh with.

In everything you do, let love grow.

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