Spending, Saving, and Finding Balance

One of the earliest financial lessons we learn is how to achieve balance. In order to have enough funds, we must find the right balance between spending and saving, and we must know how to balance our checkbooks so we don’t mistakenly overdraw too much money. But these basic concepts are not only applicable in finances. They can be applied to all areas of life and health as well.

While the most tangible examples of balance are financial or physical left/right balance, traditional Chinese medicine often refers to energetic balance. Beyond the physical dimension, we each have an energetic body–a beautiful presence that breathes life into our spirit. Our Qi, or life force, courses through our body’s meridian system. When Qi flows freely, we experience even emotions, physical and emotional wellness, and creative movement–balance! When the body is in balance, disease and illness cannot enter.

But in today’s modern society, with news broadcasts being spewed from radio and tv, and streamed from the internet on our phones, we are constantly bombarded with negative energy. This heaviness is something our bodies need to digest. Yes! Our bodies digest way more than food. In order to take in and digest all that you hear, see, and experience, the body’s organ systems must freely communicate through Qi.

In addition to taking in all that exists around us, we have to look at our earlier concept of spending and saving. How much of your Qi do you spend digesting your food, thoughts and emotions? How much Qi do you spend staying up late and working too hard? Where is the balance? If, in a financial sense, you spent all of your money in one day, you wouldn’t have anything left for wants or needs the next day. So instead of spending, look for areas to cut back and save.

Tips to Save Your Qi:

  1. Eat warm foods. It takes less Qi to digest warm, cooked foods than raw or cold foods. Give your digestive system a helping hand.
  2. Protect your skin. As we head into the cooler weather, protect your skin from the wind and (eventually) the cold weather.
  3. Catch your zzzs. Getting ample sleep is important. Always tuck in before midnight and allow yourself enough time to rest and truly recover.
  4. Learn to listen. Your body is a miraculous machine. It uses pain to alert you of a concern and knows to tell you when it needs drink and fuel. Learn to listen–this is your body’s way of communicating with you.
  5. Take up an energy practice. Physical activity works your physical body; energetic movements–like Qigong or Taiji–work your energetic body. These practices will help to get your Qi flowing to get you on the road to achieving inner balance.

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