Ask Grand Master Lu: Pure Qi

In this interview, Grand Master Lu shares his wisdom on achieving pure Qi, benefiting from a true winter detox, and maintaining our innate connection to the ebb and flow of Nature.


Question: I have heard the term “pure Qi” many times. What does this mean and how can I apply it to my life?

Grand Master Lu:

First, let’s start with Qi. Your Qi is often related to energy, but it is much more than energy needed to do work and go about your day—Qi is your life force. To have pure Qi, you need to go a step beyond. Pure Qi entails a pure mind and a pure body.

Question: Would you suggest a typical detox to achieve this level of pure Qi?

Grand Master Lu:

First we must understand our angle of detoxing. Chinese medicine believes that a detox is the by-product of a balanced, healthy body. The body knows how to clean and heal itself. Our job is to partner and enhance the body’s natural healing ability by creating a state of harmony. Once the body reaches a state of harmony and a connection with the natural flow of Nature, it will reach its potential to create pure Qi. We are not punishing the body with juicing and fasting exercises; rather we are stimulating its natural gift of healing.

Question: What is the relationship between Qi and blood?

Grand Master Lu:

Chinese medicine looks at the world in terms of balance or of yin/yang relationships: day, night; woman, man; blood, Qi. Blood is the materialized form of energy, while Qi is the invisible. Therefore, to produce pure Qi, the body must first produce pure blood. For thousands of years, Chinese masters have been making sense of the world, and of human health, by linking each of the body’s 5 major organ systems with Nature’s seasons and Earth elements. The Spring season is related to the Liver and the quality of the blood in your body. Therefore by balancing and enhancing the body’s innate Liver function and of supporting the digestive system, the body can cleanse itself naturally, creating the potential for pure blood and pure Qi.


Question: There is much talk about Nature in traditional Chinese medicine. How do you suggest I maintain this connection with Nature?

Grand Master Lu:

All human beings are closely connected to Nature and its seasonal patterns. By following these patterns, eating foods grown in season, and taking Nature’s lead (i.e. deeply resting in Winter), we can connect on a physical, mental and spiritual level. But all too often, we lose sight of this connection and push ourselves too hard, or let stress get the best of us. During the transition from one season to another, we often experience physical symptoms, like joint pain, headaches, and colds or the flu. This is a result of our bodies losing their connection to Nature’s flow. My seasonal cleanse offers the opportunity to reconnect to Nature and to stimulate your innate gift: your body’s ability to self-heal.

 Looking Ahead:

Join Grand Master Lu on January 9 – 19 for a 10-day virtual Qi and Soup journey. You’ll learn to turn inward and nurture your Kidney Qi—the root of your genetic wisdom.