Conduct Your Inner Orchestra

What comes to mind when you hear your favorite slow song? You might instantly remember every detail of your first school dance—the dress you were wearing, the smell of the corsage, and the feeling you had inside when you were standing in that slow embrace. Or you may connect to a visual of your grandparents twirling around the kitchen—your grandmother’s laugh, the way your pigtails bobbed up and down as you joined in, and the sound your feet made as they pattered on the tile floor.

The same song has a different effect on each one of us. This is energy. Now imagine a faster-paced song. As the music changes, so does the energy. The beat picks up and you are brought back to a different memory, in a time and a place that you connect with. Your senses pitch in and that memory is as real now as it was when you lived it. You can smell, see, hear, touch, and taste everything around you. Time and space are different in this very instant.

This energy frequency will always impact our lives. We, as humans, have the awesome ability to make connections and form lasting memories that we can turn back to in an instant as if the time and space had never changed. But while this music, or energy, impacts us, it is all outside music. Can you hear your inside music?

Each cell in your being has a different frequency. It dances to its own beat and makes its own music. Each of these frequencies work in harmony to create a beautiful song—your inside music. But if one or two cells are out of tune, this music becomes noise. When you tune the frequency by living in harmony and balance, the energy harmonizes again.

You are the conductor of your orchestra. Create your own unique symphony.