Fall is a beautiful time of year when Nature’s changes are readily apparent. The weather is getting cooler, leaves are turning colors and we are all beginning to turn inward in preparation for a long winter’s rest. Fall teaches us to simply relax and let go. The trees easily shed their beautiful leaves, knowing they will regrow in Spring. Their faith in this pattern is comforting. Can you follow suit?

Traditional Chinese medicine teaches us to become one with Nature, understanding its patterns and bringing them within. Every fiber of our human bodies is represented in the Universal picture. Likewise, Universal changes are represented in each of us. Follow Nature’s cues. Begin to let go of what you no longer need. Start small, shedding ill-fitting clothing and items that are no longer useful. Then eventually let go of old behaviors and held emotions. This in itself is a process that takes some preparation work. But the result is extremely rewarding!

When we release the old, we are able to make room for the new. When we let go of what holds us back, we are free to move forward.


Join Us—Release What Holds You Back

A new session begins this Tuesday, November 2, challenging students to reach their full energetic potential. Grand Master Lu aligns Qigong classes with the energy of the season and practices along with students over Zoom. Five Element Consciousness concepts are woven into each class to create a rich learning experience.

  • Tuesday and Saturday from 8:00–8:30 AM (EST) for four weeks
  • Discussion group with Grand Master Lu on the third Sunday of the month at 7:30 PM (EST)
  • Two support/practice sessions with Irma and Elaine

Learn more and join us!

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