Oneness, Consciousness and Everyday Health

Traditional Chinese medicine is based on a multidimensional understanding of Qi, or energy—the intelligent Universal force of wisdom, consciousness and purpose. Simply put, without Qi there is no life. Today, modern science tells us everything is energy; it also tells us that at the deepest level of reality, everything is connected.

Our lives are magnificent puzzles, each connected to the other within an unimaginable energy field. When we die, these pieces come together and life is complete. Within this construct, we can no longer look at illness and disease as isolated events, unconnected to body and mind, or to Spirit’s purpose. At the spiritual level, everything is perfect; the visible and invisible are connected.

To live more profoundly in good health, it is essential to see that everything in life is connected—our creativity as well as our challenges. What are the real connections? They’re Nature, seasons, the energy field of which we’re a part—all are powerful influences on our lives. Can we see this angle or do we continually look for separation and differentiation? Applying this framework to everyday health, we need to consider the body’s physical reactions and its energetic responses. Oneness can effectively address the root cause of conditions instead of continually fixing isolated problems.

Your body never lies. It’s a faithful reflection of your inseparable mind and Spirit. Can you decipher the messages your body is sending?

It’s an intangible concept, but it’s the tie that binds all people to each other and to Nature itself. We are all energy beings! The goal is to live and interact in such a way that Oneness and consciousness are present in our daily lives.

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