The Heart that Gives, Gathers

On this national day of giving, many of us dip into our pockets to give to the cause or charity closest to our hearts. We know that our gifts, no matter how meager, will bring comfort, peace or a smile to those in need. Throughout the holidays, we make our lists, checking off names as we go. Gift for the mother-in-law—check! But we often forget what is at the heart of Giving Tuesday and of the holidays themselves—a celebration of love, friendship and pure-hearted kindness. And we often overlook the gifts that we—as givers—also receive.

Giving extends beyond what can be purchased in a store or gifted online. It is not isolated to something that can be packaged and wrapped with a bow. The greatest of gifts are given from the heart—a warm smile, a kind word or gesture, your precious time. These gifts—and those similar gifts received in return—enliven us and breathe new life into our weary bones. After all, as beautifully stated by Lao Tzu, “The heart that gives, gathers.”

There’s something at play in the dynamic of giving that brings an even greater gift to the giver. When we give, we mirror the Universe itself. This constant source of nourishment supports our every breath. And there’s nothing we have to do to earn it; it’s ours by birthright. Grand Master Lu expresses it this way: “This source doesn’t discriminate. It pours out its love continually to every living thing. Its promise is that it will support us always. It doesn’t base its love on gender or race, on age or sexual orientation, or any other factors. It doesn’t say because you are beautiful, I will give you ninety percent of my sunlight. Or, because you are a criminal, you only deserve ten percent. It showers everyone with the same amount of warmth unconditionally.”

When we give, we connect to the frequency of Universal Life, the true source of health and healing. This connection can restore us to balance and create miracles in our reality. Are you open to receiving these true gifts?

This holiday season, look beyond the tangible. Look much deeper. In fact, look within. And when you look within, see yourself, the deepest parts of your heart that yearn—not for things, but for the deeper connections in this unconnected world. Breathe in everything around you—crisp winter air, a starlit sky, fluffy snowflakes. And be thankful. For these are Nature’s gifts to you. Allow these gifts to sustain you this holiday season. Feel your heart swell with love, forgiveness and laughter as you give simple gifts to those around you. And as you give, also gather.