Nature Knows: Life Lessons From the Birds

As we continue our walk through Spring, there are so many ways to connect. What are the sights and sounds around us that are trying to communicate? What messages do they carry?

Nature’s messages flow freely—from a Spring breeze to a blooming flower. We can gain so much by observing and understanding Nature’s patterns. Take birds, for example. What lessons can we learn from these small but mighty creatures?

Rise and Shine

Birds rise early, just before the sunrise, and sing a lovely melody of trills and crescendos. One of the keys to their survival depends upon the male rising early to sing his beautiful tune. Have you considered the importance of when and how you start your day? As the Spring energy rises, connect to that frequency. Allow it to move through you as you wake refreshed and rejuvenated, until it inspires your heart to sing!

Location, Location, Location

Birds are very selective creatures. Building only one new nest every year becomes quite a sacred and focused activity, deeply embedded and expressed through their genetic code. Birds mostly build their nests in trees, receiving both protection and support for their lovingly-crafted nests and offering the best possible opportunity for their babies to thrive in their environment. However, birds don’t just choose any tree to nest in. They flit from tree to tree in search of the perfect location to build their nests. Where do you choose to set down your roots and “nest”? How can you create a sacred space in your daily life?

Building with Care

Have you ever seen a bird build its nest? It doesn’t simply settle in a spot and get cozy! Much as human parents create a loving environment for their babies, birds put a great deal of time and attention into preparing for their approaching offspring. At a steady pace, female birds search for and gather tiny twigs and grass that they can use to create a nest with great care. They intricately use their bodies and wisdom in tandem to fill, fluff, and form this vessel. Other elements help strengthen and support the nest, like the mud from the earth. Have you noticed that nests are always a bit rounded? They resemble two cupped hands preparing to hold something very precious.

Love and Wisdom

As Spring marches on, birds lay their eggs and keep them just the right temperature for just the right amount of time—meeting all the requirements for life to burst forth. As the chicks are born, their parents shift their focus to supporting life, by providing them with food, warmth, and protection. These birds dutifully focus on the job at hand and connect to the internal wisdom of Universal life. How can we harness this wisdom and shift effortlessly from one responsibility to the other?

Learning to be Free

Finally, as the chicks get stronger and lose their infant fluff, their feathers fill in. The baby birds begin to resemble the generations that came before them. Slowly, they connect to their surroundings, learn to communicate, and use their innate wisdom to express their true nature. They strengthen their wings and learn to soar on their own, living wholly and completely in their purpose, capturing the message and living on in the framework of the circle, the cycle of life.

Connection and Growth

Birds are fascinating creatures that have so much to teach us. How can we apply Nature’s lesson to our daily lives and connect to its creative energy and purpose? Your creative force might express itself through artwork, cooking, writing, volunteering, gardening, or playing an instrument. Or you may find your own unique way to bring your creative passion to life. When you find your way, nurture it to its potential so it may bloom from the heart and express itself through love.

Continue Exploring!

Nature’s gifts are endless. How does one good deed lead to another?

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