Look at yourself in the mirror and smile. How does it feel? Does your smile stop at your lips? Spread to your cheeks? Straighten out the wrinkles on your forehead? Or does it go even deeper—so deep in fact, that you take a breath in and feel the source of that smile? It’s coming straight from your heart.

When you smile from your heart, you emanate joy within and all around you. Life is a journey—an incredible journey—and every point along the way—whether positive or negative—serves a purpose in your life.

So, smile—truly smile from deep within your heart. It might take a few tries to really get it right, but once you’ve felt that deep, heartwarming, joy-emanating glow from within, you’ll know it—and you’ll want to practice it often.

So practice by sharing your smile with others—even people you don’t know—do they feel it too?