Using Fall’s Energy to Create Balance and Health

Saturday, September 23 marks the official 2023 Fall equinox for the Northern Hemisphere. Although the equinox heralds Spring in the Southern Hemisphere, the phenomenon happens at the same exact moment in every location around the world.

At 2:50 AM EST on September 23, both poles will be equidistant from the sun, creating perfect balance between the lengths of night and day. No matter how chaotic, Nature takes the time twice a year to rebalance itself. The exact moment of both the Fall and Spring equinoxes represents Universal harmony. If we can connect to that wisdom—that moment—anything is possible.

Nature’s living things innately know when that moment is here. Fall bulbs kept outside in a pot year round will not begin to sprout until the conditions are just right. Even with a few cooler days in the midst of Summer, the bulbs wait for their perfect opportunity.

The Fall equinox is an opportunity for all of us. Traditional Chinese medicine’s Five Element Consciousness Framework associates the energetic vibration of Fall with that of our Lung and Large Intestine. This organ pair expands to “take in” and contracts to “let go” of what we no longer need. Energetically, this duo mimics Nature’s innate wisdom. Trees naturally let go of their leaves at this time of year to conserve energy for the winter months. Likewise, getting rid of what weighs you down—both physically and emotionally—is a healthy way to begin your transition into the next season.

Tips to Strengthen your Lung and Large Intestine Function:

Tip #1: PRACTICE The body never lies! An energetic imbalance may show on the body as skin issues, allergies, constipation, coughing, colds, or asthma. Step up your Qigong practice during the equinox and throughout the Fall season. This video will guide you through our most powerful movement, The Dragon Stands Between Heaven and Earth.

Tip #2: EAT HEALING FOODS The Lung and Large Intestine often suffer from being too dry, resulting in dry, cracked skin and constipation. Be sure to eat local, in-season foods and those that energetically support this organ pair, such as honey, almonds, radish, and pears. Spicy or pungent foods will also lend their support. Click here to try some of our delicious, healing recipes.

Tip #3 LET IT GO Take some time to let go of what no longer lifts your spirit, including emotions you constantly hold. Soften your smile and train yourself to find the good in every situation.


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