Paula’s Story: The Power of Xiao Dao in Healing Practice

As a wellness and creativity coach and artist and long-time student of Wu Ming Qigong, Paula shares how Xiao Dao offers a unique and trusted way for her clients to activate vibrant health and creative self-expression.

Trusting the Process

I’ve long intuited a connection between health issues and blocked self-expression. Many of my clients are stuck, literally and figuratively. People who can’t raise their arms above their shoulders, others who can barely turn their necks. They report constipation, migraines, stiff fingers and cold feet.

They just can’t seem to get moving in the direction of their dreams. Nothing works … all those self-help books … all those small-step strategies … all the talk about trusting the process.

During the December 2018 Xiao Dao training, I knew at my core that I had been gifted a process I could trust. I couldn’t wait to incorporate the Xiao Dao framework into my practice. Grand Master Nan Lu asked us to experience Xiao Dao for ourselves. For six weeks, I followed the four-part protocol. As the weeks went by, I felt a lightness of spirit I had never known. I even got back to work on a manuscript I had buried in a computer file for years.

The Healing Power of Energy

My clients are now experiencing what happens when the flow of energy returns in both the physical and invisible realm of creative spirit. As they open to more richly textured conversations about energy, their beliefs, dreams, aspirations, and intentions, I sense a growing trust in this process as a key to enhanced health and self-expression. A client who suffers migraines suspects her current series of paintings is too calculated. Another, who can’t stomach the bedroom divide with her husband is excited about creating a bridge by bringing more sensuality into their relationship.

Clients can now play with their dream images, metaphors, intuitive hits and messages behind symptoms. What could be gripping that stuck shoulder? What’s lurking underneath those cold feet? As clients develop deeper trust in the power of energy to reveal and to heal, life becomes exciting — a safe, loving space to take action, to move in the direction of one’s dreams and to risk sharing their creative sparks with the world.

Upcoming Xiao Dao Training

Did Paula’s story inspire you? If so, you’re in luck! Grand Master Nan Lu is holding the next Xiao Dao training on December 7-8, 2019. Click here to learn more and to register.