Words of Wisdom: What Fulfills You?

What fulfills you? What truly feeds your soul?

New mothers might say their newborn babies fill a void they never knew existed. Same would be true for two people newly in love. A successful business person might say their pride in their career gives them fulfillment. But when you ask an elderly person this question, chances are they would respond differently. They have been blessed with the wisdom of many decades—to observe, to learn and to grow. Many of them have fallen in love, raised children, held grandchildren, and had successful careers. So what then?

It’s beautiful to celebrate these life moments, and enjoy the people, things, and successes that make up your life. But after children grow up and move away and a successful career turns into retirement, what’s left for you? What gives your life real purpose?

Some would argue that this question alone is the reason for most mid-life crises. Empty-nesters who are nearing retirement just don’t know what to do with all of their time. Because, for their entire lives, their focus has been on someone or something else. Now, it’s up to them to decide which path to follow. They need to search for what truly fulfills—and feeds—them.

So whether you’re in retirement or are just starting out in life, take some time to focus on yourself—cultivate interests, have your own hobbies, and make friends that like to be adventurous. In other words, don’t leave your fulfillment for last. Raise your kids, have your career, but always feed another part of yourself—the one that sparks with excitement. Because later in life, you’ll know how to answer that question and you’ll never need to wait for someone or something else to fulfill you.