Take a Walk on the Wild Side

How often are you tempted with an interesting chance—an opportunity for something new and exciting—and you play it safe? Many of us do, with the excuse that family or other responsibilities call. We’re not suggesting that you shirk your responsibilities; just that you allow yourself the freedom to experience something new every once in a while. Sometimes, even the simplest of freedoms, like taking a walk, can open up new horizons. You may meander down a new street and bump into an old friend, or better yet, meet someone new—someone who shapes and changes you—someone who challenges you, and helps you question your beliefs, opinions, and ideas. Or it may not be a someone at all, but instead a something—something that opens your eyes and mind to a differing perspective, or the way the breeze blows across your face that brings back a warm memory.

It’s scary for many of us to step beyond our comfort zones. Imagine walking into a large room filled with strangers. The music is playing, the crowd is laughing—seemingly at the same thing—leaving you completely out-of-the-loop. For most of us, it’s surely an uncomfortable feeling. Many of us race to judgement to ease our minds and help raise our comfort levels, saying things like, “What are these people laughing at anyway? Maybe it’s that girl’s hairstyle or the way those guys are dressed.” or “This scene is just not for me. I don’t even like the music.” But it’s not those things at all, is it? You can easily get along with someone who wears her hair differently than you, and prefers different music. Plus, standing out from the crowd isn’t such a bad thing. So what is it? Why do we always jump to judge?

Challenge yourself. Stand there and take it all in. If you erased the judgement and the discomfort, where would you stand? Maybe you see someone from across the room that seems warm and inviting that you can strike up a conversation with. Or maybe the architecture of the building calls to you, and you find yourself wanting to learn more about the time frame in which the building was created. Maybe in standing there, you realize that you may not have anything in common with these people, but you enjoy their perspective, or that you judged what was on the outside without realizing that you actually do have a lot in common. Whatever it is that draws you, find it. Erasing the judgement helps you to be fully present. How does the situation—or your perception of itchange when you let go of what holds you back?


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