Radiant, Wrinkle-Free Skin from the Inside Out

Ever wonder about the secret to radiant, wrinkle-free skin? You can try every wrinkle cream on the market. But according to TCM, the answer is not something you put on your skin. Instead, it’s healthy Lung function that creates a youthful glow. That’s right, your Lung Qi supports healthy skin. Whenever there are wrinkles, there is an insufficient amount of nourishment and Qi to support muscle and skin health.

Some people jump to plastic surgery, believing that wrinkles are simply an unwanted sign of age. But how does TCM view beautiful skin? There are six yang meridians that either begin or end in the face. Having a facelift cuts through these vital energy pathways and can seriously damage them. It’s like cutting off the roots of a tree! You may look better initially, but unwanted problems can develop later. This is why TCM focuses on reducing the signs of aging from the inside-out. While external treatment may offer some benefit, there is nothing as powerful (or as attractive) as letting good health shine from within!

Follow these tips for healthy Lung function:

1. Keep your chest covered, especially in cold and windy weather.  Don’t waste your Qi by defending yourself against the elements!

2.Practice Qigong daily! Follow along with Grand Master Lu as he holds The Dragon Stands Between Heaven and Earth.

3. Build peaceful islands of calm into your day and nurture yourself.

4. Eat for Healing! The Lung loves spicy foods like daikon radish, chili and horseradish and those that add moisture to the body, like honey and pears.