Women’s Health: How Empowerment is Prevention

Empowering ourselves to express what’s on our minds, take responsibility for our happiness, and find true freedom is the best form of prevention.

2017 was a historical year for women’s empowerment. This huge shift in the female collective consciousness is not just a reaction to recent political and cultural events. It’s also partly due to a growing appreciation of the mind-body-spirit connection in disease prevention. Emotional health is essential for physical health.

When you think about it, this makes complete sense. Repressed feelings and the inability to move beyond a traumatic event are constant emotional stressors. Good health depends on the free flow of energy throughout the body. Negative feelings and chronic stress impede this free flow, which can lead to illnesses down the road. Stress is not just emotional. It affects the entire being—mind, body and spirit.

The Spleen (Stomach), Liver and Kidney are the three major organ systems energetically responsible for women’s health. This trio, namely the Liver, is also greatly affected by stress. So when these organs are working overtime to help the body recover from stress, they have less energy to devote to their primary jobs—ensuring that everything is running smoothly in the area of reproductive and hormonal health.

Your body never lies when it comes to the state of your happiness and freedom. It uses symptoms to alert you when something is out of balance. That’s the real purpose of disease: to let us know that we are at dis-ease, and to motivate us to seek balance. Once you begin to understand the ways in which your body is communicating with you, you can take steps to make changes.

3 Steps Toward Mind-Body-Spirit Balance

  1. Make lifestyle changes to reduce stress and bring happiness into your life.
  2. Begin to view food as medicine. Eat warming foods to ease the work of the digestive system.
  3. Practice Qigong to help Qi flow smoothly through the body’s invisible meridian system.

When a body is in balance, disease and illness cannot enter. When you reach this state, your physical symptoms will disappear, excess weight will drop off, and you will exude joy and peace.

Symptoms need not be viewed from the angle of fear. Instead, they are messages from the body that you are ready for empowerment. It’s your time to change your life. You are worth the energy it takes to regain your health. You deserve to pursue the amazing journey of freedom and creativity that you were born to achieve.