How Beliefs Limit Our Reality

You create your own reality. But what is your reality based on? How wide is your view?

Let’s say you are stuck in a thankless job. You believe you cannot quit even though you are unhappy. Maybe you think you will never find another job that pays you as well, or offers as much prestige, or provides as many outside benefits. If you leave, you believe everything in your life will fall apart. In truth, there may be a much better job waiting for you—one that provides just as many benefits, or even more. But your beliefs and the thoughts they spawn will keep you imprisoned. Present beliefs will prevent you from finding a job because they are limiting you with “rational” explanations as to why you are better off where you are. Instead, ask yourself: How can your mind receive any new material to digest if it is stuffed with old beliefs? How can you create real change if you don’t have faith?

We live in a world of duality, which we often refer to as Yin-Yang. In this reality, positive and negative energies are dynamic, interpenetrating, and complementary. These energies always exist together; they can never be separated. But sometimes, we’re so focused on one aspect of a situation that we ignore the other aspect altogether. It’s there, just waiting to be discovered. Shifting beliefs, altering thought patterns, and alleviating emotional imbalances can have a dramatic effect on your physical health.

The challenge with treating the mind is to help it learn how to identify and believe in these positive aspects. This involves a degree of creativity. Think of your emotions like a garden that needs to be tended. Learn to express yourself through art, music, dance and other creative actions that free the mind to allow your emotions to move smoothly. The nature of the Universe is unlimited in its creativity. You are part of this magic and express your creativity on your personal canvas—your body. As you release emotional energies through singing, dancing, creating art, or any other outlet, you are connecting with the vibrations that move you, and you allow them to move freely.