“The whole purpose of Qigong practice is to help you open up, to use your 'Inner-net,' to connect to the unlimited power and the unlimited wisdom of the universe that is called life force.” - Grand Master Nan Lu

Qigong for Healing

What is Qigong and how can it be used for self-healing?

Qigong is an ancient healing practice that was discovered through deep meditation. Ancient masters observed the cooperative energies in nature and applied it to the human body.  Through quality Qigong practice, the body’s healing potential is reawakened.  But don’t be fooled, the quality and quantity of your  Qigong practice must include self-cultivation.

First, the physical practice evolves from a 2 minute practice to an intensive 30 minute or longer practice. Through the physical practice, the body will change as will emotions.  Your understanding and awareness of life will shift and the unity of body, mind spirit takes on a new dimension.

“The ultimate goal of Wu Ming Qigong is to discover your true purpose.”

How Qigong Energy Exercises and Meditation Stimulate Healing

Literally meaning “energy work,” Qigong energy exercises and standing meditation postures break down energy blockages and promotes the free flow of energy throughout your body’s meridian system.

Consistent Qigong practice increases and balances your body’s Qi. Working directly on your body’s meridian system—your energy body—it stimulates and nourishes the internal organs, making the energetic communication between them more efficient. And by increasing the effectiveness of all body systems, Qigong helps build Qi.

In as little as 20 minutes of Qigong practice a day, you can replenish your body’s Qi reawakening your body’s natural self-healing capacity. For those who are ready to engage with life and health issues on a more profound level, serious practice of Qigong can transform physical health but also your life direction and way of being.

Wu Ming Qigong

While there are literally tens of thousands of systems that use Qigong for healing, it is important to note that everything discussed on our site relates to Wu Ming Qigong. No one knows exactly how old the practice of Qigong is, but it has been documented for thousands of years. Its standing and moving postures and energy exercises have the ability to help an individual discover his or her own healing potential.

Wu Ming Qigong lineage dates back to the ancient Chinese sage Lao Tzu.

On the deepest level, practicing Wu Ming Qigong can activate the body’s genetic code and even has the power to create healing miracles.

“Spirit is something unknowable.”

In ancient times, Wu Ming Qigong and meditation were used for martial arts to help the body maintain wellness. At the mind level, Qigong was used to understand the relationship between the body and the mind and its connectedness to the healing power of nature. At its highest level, Qigong was used to achieve longevity and connect to the Universal. Five thousand years later, Wu Ming Qigong still offers the same tremendous healing benefits for those who dedicate themselves to this practice.

Some Qigong healing systems are related to martial arts. Breathing and visualization techniques are offered by certain Qigong systems, while gentle movements and stationary postures are used by others. It’s important to note that the various Qigong systems work on your energy in unique ways, which is why it is NOT advised to practice different systems at the same time.

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