Grand Master Lu often says, “Do nothing. That is the best ‘something’ you can do.” But in a society obsessed with productivity, it can be difficult to find true inner peace. Many people are used to always being on the go. Food is fast and messages fly even faster. How do you sit still when your ‘to do’ list goes on and on?

This challenge doesn’t just present itself to adults. Unfortunately, many children are fidgety and have a hard time focusing in school. Why is that? And what can we do to create a new generation of focused children?

From the time they’re able to walk–and sometimes even earlier–children are handed iPads, phones, and other devices to keep them entertained. Gone are the days of being taught to sit in a restaurant or watch a sibling’s recital. And since kids have been entertained with electronics for so long, they have gotten used to a faster pace. It’s no wonder that people have less and less patience while waiting at a red light, and kids cannot sit for more than ten minutes in a classroom.

While it’s okay to play electronics or video games from time-to-time, it’s important to not be in constant motion 24-hours per day. Allowing our kids (and ourselves) time to unplug and develop a calm and peaceful heart is the most important gift we can give them. Is that realistic in today’s electronic-crazed society? Absolutely.


Here are a few tips:

  1. Read a book! Flipping pages of a book is calming, as is coloring or painting, which stimulate the creative side of the brain.


  1. Observe, observe. Kids that are overly stimulated can relearn to focus and relax. Bring them out in nature and guide them to use their five senses to observe the world around them. Slowly transfer these skills to a real-life event, such as a little sister’s art show or a school presentation.


  1. Use your hands. Teach kids to create something from scratch, whether it’s a bird house that they build from scraps of wood, a vegetable garden they plant in the backyard, or a cake they bake with flour, sugar, and eggs. Help them to create a goal, see it through, and enjoy the end result.


  1. Play! Getting outside to play does wonders for the soul! Now that spring is drawing near, there will be lots of time for good ‘ol fashioned fun, like running in the park and picking flowers. Look to Nature as your playground and enjoy the great outdoors.


  1. Do nothing. Learn to meditate, relax, and simply be without TV, radio, or any other distractors nearby. You’ll likely find this as challenging as your kids will at first, but with patience and practice, you will all reap the rewards.

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