Learning to Appreciate Yourself

“Appreciate yourself and open up to the source of your life.” -Grand Master Nan Lu

What does it mean to truly appreciate yourself and all that surrounds you? To be grateful for not only the “things” that make life easier and more palatable, but for the invisible messages that you absorb every moment? Are you aware of all this goodness in your life? Allowing ourselves space to grow, learn and be ourselves is the true message of appreciation and Thanksgiving.

When you look at a Spring or Summer garden, what do you see? Do you only see flowers or do you notice the birds, the honeybees, and the pattern of the sunlight on the nearby grass? As you observe, do you see how Nature’s breath moves the petals and allows the spirit of the flowers to shine?

When you are moved to tears by a beautiful experience, what do you feel? Are you humbled or motivated to do more, to be better? Do you truly absorb every aspect of the experience and allow it to infuse your inner being?

When you look up at a dark, night sky filled with twinkling stars, what fills you? Do you feel instantly calm? Are you aware of your breath, your slowly sinking shoulders, your closing eyes? Nature has this amazing calming effect on us, if only we maintain the connection.

Appreciate the beautiful, everyday moments.

See the beauty in the garden.

Feel the joy and grace in a humbling experience.

Allow the calm to wash over you. These moments are reflections of ourselves. Seeing beauty around us allows us to find and appreciate the goodness we hold within.

As you gather with friends, family, and loved ones this Thanksgiving, find the good in every moment.

Every smile is a sign of happiness—cherish it.

Every quiet moment is a chance to breathe in all that is good—savor it.

And every bite of food reminds us of the love and Qi that was shared—appreciate it.

There’s even good in the inevitable cooking mishaps—can you see the opportunity for laughter and connection?


In a world that is constantly swirling with heavy thoughts, anger, sadness, and fear, be a source of light and beauty for yourself and all those that surround you.

Happy Thanksgiving from all of us to all of you.


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