TCM Beliefs: Destructive Energy Patterns Can Be Broken

TCM views illness and disease—including cancer—as energy patterns. These patterns can be interrupted or broken. Cancer is one kind of intelligent energy; it has another quality, too—it is patient. It can wait in your body for many years without giving you a problem. This energetic force possesses the ability to analyze your body, figure out where to hide, and then stubbornly refuse to let go. Once you understand this concept, you will understand why it is important not to resume your old habits if you have had cancer in the past or have it now. It is this old lifestyle that provided a comfortable haven for this energy in the first place. Let this negative energy go. Leave your destructive habits behind you.

The energy movements of Wu Ming Meridian Therapy can help interrupt and break cancer’s energy pattern by unlocking your body’s own healing energy resources and directing them where they are needed. When you change your energy pattern, cancer will be unable to find a comfortable home in your body again. When practiced on a daily basis, Wu Ming Meridian Therapy provides a powerful prevention tool.

The Best Cure is Prevention

No other healing system is built completely on prevention. Minor conditions that many Westerners would shrug off cause TCM patients to run to their doctors. A well-educated TCM patient knows that addressing these health issues today can help them stay healthier tomorrow. This principle is particularly true when it comes to women’s problems. Many women have been conditioned to view and accept menstrual irregularities, PMS, migraine headaches, bloating, and constipation as the price of being female. But nothing could be further from the truth. These frequent symptoms can actually be eliminated with acupuncture and herbs. If your body is healthy, this monthly suffering does not occur. Problems with the menstrual cycle point to Liver dysfunction.

Menstrual symptoms are serious internal signals that the body is beginning to “run on empty.” These red flags indicate that the organs, meridians, or overall Qi have become unbalanced. Left uncorrected, these conditions can lead to something more serious down the road. Keeping the body healthy—and balanced—is key to preventing illness.

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Excerpted from: A Woman’s Guide to Healing from Breast Cancer, by Nan Lu, O.M.D., L.Ac. with Ellen Schaplowsky.