Complimentary Classes: Qigong for Women’s Breast Health

We want to help women move beyond fear—beyond ‘what-ifs’—and learn how to prevent breast cancer and its recurrence. If you’ve had breast cancer, let us help you move on with your life. Cancer does not have to be your life story.

Every framework is unique. Western medicine has one way of viewing health issues, while traditional Chinese medicine has another. In exploring this ancient framework, we learn to see the body as an integrated whole. The body functions through an energy pathway called meridians, which carry life affirming information throughout the body. Energy continually moves through these meridians. When it can’t move freely, health issues begin to arise.

Three major meridians run through the breast area. Keeping energy flowing through these meridians is vital to maintaining breast health.

Complimentary Women’s Health Classes

Free Women’s Health Classes are being offered in various locations throughout the month of October.

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