We’re often asked, “How long should I stand in the posture, The Dragon Stands Between Heaven and Earth?” The answer is simple: As long as you can, and then some!

When you think you can’t hold the pose anymore, hold it for another minute. When your mind tells you it’s time to stop, don’t. Allow your internal engine to keep moving. This is the time when you receive the biggest benefit. You’ve warmed up your body, and are now doing the real work of communicating your energy with that of Universal message. The longer your stand in this posture, the more benefit you will receive.

Click here to read about this Qigong posture and to practice along with Grand Master Lu.

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14 Responses to Take the Qigong Challenge!
  1. The longer I hold it the better I feel. On a good day I can stand there for more then 30 minutes, and it is sooooooo worth it.

  2. I am going to hold it longer–thanks for the inspiration and information.

  3. Always feel better when I push myself, especially when I am tired.

  4. Generally, when I do the Dragon’s Way practice I hold this posture for about 7-8 minutes. But periodically, I’ll do it for 30 or more minutes. This was very hard at first. I had to push through some intense shoulder pain. But now I don’t have this pain anymore and each time I do a long practice is like going on a special journey. So many interesting things happen. Different every time!

  5. It is a wonderful posture. What I like to do sometimes is to put an intention out at the beginning of the practice, something I’ve been thinking about but can’t quite get through. And then I stand. And most times an insight will come into my mind to address that issue. It’s a wonderful way to let my energy do the problems solving for me!

  6. I like to hold it for at least 15 minutes at a time, either by itself or at the of doing the Dragon’s Way movements. This is usually enough to make a big difference in my energy and clarity throughout the day. However, whenever I push myself and hold the posture for longer, say half an hour or more, it’s like making a little (or big!) breakthrough. The feeling of the posture changes, my mood changes, or a kind of lightness comes into my body that’s both physical and emotional. I feel like 15 minutes is enough for maintenance and keeping my energy up, but doing 20-30 minutes or longer is necessary for me personally to feel some kind of spiritual transition and change.

  7. It’s mind over matter, for sure. But you have to get out of your head to make the pose worthwhile. In other words, stop thinking! Put all of the day’s thoughts, your to-do list, etc. behind you, and just “be” in the moment.

  8. At our first DWI training retreat last week, we held the posture during group practice for 15 minutes. On the last day Irma didn’t release us until 20 minutes. Yes, we all held on. But, at the 15 minute mark most of the group collectively let out a deep deep sigh. There was definitely an energetic connection in the room.

  9. After learning this meditation in 2013 at a Dragon’s Way training, Dragon Stands Between Heaven and Earth is always my ‘go to’ meditation when I need a boost in energy. Even 10 minutes of practice does a world of good! And, when I can make time to hold it for 20 to 30 minutes, I just float through the days ahead! Doing this meditation with others only adds to the experience!

  10. Hi All

    Great to know that standing qigong is part of practice at Dragon’s way. Before a practice session of standing or qigong practice i was taught to make sure to have eliminated physical distractions and emotional as much as possible. This includes not to be too full or too hungry. Make sure you have used the bathroom so you do not need to use it during practice. Make sure you are not angry before practice or under extreme stress (better to have dealt with these by calming down before practice). If you can wear loose clothing and practice in an environment with good air quality that is helpful.

    Consistency is very important actually. I was taught it is better to practice 5 to 10 minutes a day but every day rather then 30 minutes a day but once a week only. Achieve your consistent time you want and then anything extra is extra.

    When i use to do long standing sessions where i wanted to achieve a goal years ago i use to set my cellphone with a alarm to go off to the goal time that i wanted. This way i do not need to look at the clock or worry about that part.

    Most important enjoy your practice otherwise one is likely not to continue. This is true when one is not forced to practice like in the old days (as what one may see in some old Kung Fu movies). therefore it is important to stay motivated to practice until it becomes habbit like brushing teeth everyday is a habit or eating. If one does not brush teeth or eat during the day then one feels something is missing. Hope this helps


  11. Hello,

    Can this practise benefit one with a fast metabolism and weight loss due to hyperthyroidism and Graves’ Disease?

    I thank you for your teachings.


    • Absolutely. This is based on energy and. It a diagnosis. Any issue or sign that the body is showing is a call for balance. This posture allows the body to receive energy fir healing purposes. Of course as with most things, you need quality and quantity to help support the body. Good luck to you.

    • Of course and thanks for asking. The
      Qigong postures offer the body an opportunity to refund balance. With consistent practice the body try’s to resolve health issues. Enjoy the posture!!


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