Words of Wisdom: Finish What You Started

Procrastination. Is it a defining trait or something we do on occasion? Many would say they occasionally procrastinate, especially when the task at hand is something they’ve been dreading. Others would agree that regardless of the project, they wait until the last possible second to complete it. (You know who you are!)

There are many reasons out there for why people procrastinate, but one thing everyone can agree on—procrastination causes undue stress and anxiety.

Many New Year’s resolutions point to procrastination. For example, people may resolve to finish something that was cast to the side all last year, or to create a to-do list with realistic deadlines and expectations so the items actually get completed. The funny thing is, we often take the time (and Qi) to add items to our to-do lists or wish lists. We even put time, effort, money, and again—Qi—into starting many of these projects. But as we get going, we may get sidetracked, frustrated, lose confidence, or even lose interest, and the item we started gets left undone.

So, whether you are embarking on a new project, looking for a new job, planning a vacation, or beginning your own journey to inner freedom, stop hitting the snooze button on life. If it’s important enough to start, it deserves the energy and attention needed to see it through.