Holiday Hangover Remedies

Food-as-medicine and kitchen remedies are a huge part of Chinese culture. They’re an effective way to heal simple (and some complex) issues using ingredients commonly found in the kitchen.

In the spirit of the holiday season, many of us will party hard—some, too hard—and then suffer the consequences the next day. Here are a couple of rescue remedies to prevent (or treat) hangovers after a night of merry-making.

  1. Drink a glass of fresh pear juice before your night out. Because pear juice has a strong anti-inflammatory, hydrating, and detoxing essence that stimulates both Liver and Stomach function, a glass can go a long way toward preventing hangovers. A recent study conducted by Australian researchers backs up this centuries-old remedy. Take note: eating only a pear or two isn’t as effective.
  1. After the festivities and before you turn in for the night, drink an extra strong cup of black tea and add a heaping spoonful of brown sugar. The acidity of black tea and the sweet, warming properties of brown sugar stimulate Liver and Stomach function to help release alcohol from your system. If caffeine keeps you awake, drink fresh ginger tea with lemon and brown sugar instead. This will have a similar detox effect.