Preventing Viruses

TCM is a medical system based on prevention. It aims to harmonize the body with Nature’s ebbs and flows to bring each being into balance. Often times as the seasons change and the weather fluctuates, we see an increase in flu and other viruses. So, how do we prevent ourselves from getting sick?

A virus is intelligent. Energy is always intelligent. It will only enter your body if it can survive inside your body. So you have to ask yourself two questions: ‘How can I make my body stronger?’ and ‘How can I change the environment of my body so the virus isn’t attracted to me?’

Western medicine looks at the immune system—if your immune system is strong, you can fight a virus. But TCM looks at inner environment. What shape is the body in before the virus chooses to enter? The body doesn’t have to be stronger. It can be different. We are all different. The goal is to be more unique, harmonious and balanced, so if a virus enters, it cannot survive.

In order to be in harmony, every organ in the entire body needs to function at its optimal level. The organs need to energetically communicate with one another. Generally speaking, there are two ways a virus can transport itself: through heat or through cold. For example, a virus that is cold-loving, like Covid and many flu strains, thrives in cold. If a person’s body environment is cold, this virus will want to stay there.

So the goal is to change the essence, or the environment, of the body. As the seasons change, don’t be fooled by the temperature outside. Think about the essence of the season. Nature has begun its very slow transition from late Winter to Spring. Even so, don’t let a few warmer days fool you! While the temperature might feel warmer, the essence is still cool. A virus will use that opportunity to get inside the body.

Wear clothing that is appropriate for the season and eat warming foods, like ginger and cinnamon, to change the inner environment of your body. Try baking some fresh apples with these warming spices. This is a perfect way to warm your body from the inside.

So what do you do if you start sneezing and realize a virus has made its way in? Immediately take a hot bath and drink ginger tea with brown sugar. If possible also take a baby aspirin. Then go to sleep. You’ll wake up feeling much better.