Friday Tip: The Power of the Heart

Grand Master Nan Lu shares his wisdom on the incredible role the Heart plays in Chinese medicine. Click the link below this post to hear his full podcast.

From the Chinese medicine point of view, the Heart is the King. The Heart connects body, mind, and spirit and stores memories. Its job is to help your spirit connect to its life force.

All organs have physical and energetic functions. While physical activity impacts your heart, every one of your emotions will sooner or later impact Heart function on an energetic level.

In ancient times, it was said, “Your Heart can create heaven. Your Heart can create hell.” So, it’s up to you. What do you want to create? The information in our outer world right now is enough to create Hell. But can we grab the good information and the good energy to create Heaven?

Follow the simple technique explained in the podcast below to activate your imagination and creativity. Bring back good memories and their healing energy and consciousness.


Want to Learn More?

Visit Grand Master Nan Lu’s Youtube channel for helpful videos.