Five Elements

  • What Is Your Real Age?
    In Chinese culture, your "real age" accounts for the time you spent in your mother's womb. Find out why.
  • Water and Dehydration
    How is dehydration viewed from the TCM perspective? Learn to listen to the body's signs of hunger and thirst and honor your genetic gifts.
  • Essence of Summer: Food’s Healing Messages
    The Qi and healing messages you gain from foods are more effective than their nutritional or physical components.
  • Liver and Stomach: What’s the Connection?
    What's the requirement for absorbing and digesting more of the material our body chooses to accept? Flow! Everything in the body must flow.
  • How Much Qi Do I Have? Protect Your Light!
    What is the connection between inborn and acquired Qi, and how does our lifestyle impact our health, especially in menopause?
  • Liver and the Wood Element
    The Liver's energy moves outward and upward, mimicking stalks of free-flowing bamboo. Support Liver Qi in Spring, when its energy is at its peak.
  • Emotions: The TCM Perspective
    Your mind digests and processes thoughts as emotions. These emotions hide within the body; sometimes they become physical conditions. We can use the Five Element Consciousness Framework to understand these connections.
  • Lingering Emotions
    Unresolved emotions don't go away. Instead, they resurface as physical symptoms when you least expect them. Work to resolve your emotions.
  • Eggs: a Symbol of Perfect Balance
    Eggs represent the promise of future life and represent yin/yang balance. Learn why and try this new recipe!
  • Liver and Stomach: Digestive Partners
    Did you know? The Liver is responsible for supporting the entire digestive system. Learn how these two organ systems are connected.
  • Eating for Healing: Garlic Scapes
    Garlic scapes grow from the garlic plant about three weeks before harvest. These delicious and versatile greens have incredible healing benefits.
  • Stay Calm During Spring
    Nature is undergoing many changes at this time of year. Follow these tips to transition into Spring with ease.