Liver and Stomach: Digestive Partners

The Liver is responsible for supporting the entire digestive system. Without healthy Liver function, your metabolic function cannot reach the highest level. Without the invisible cooperation between the Liver and Gallbladder, and their full support of the digestive system, metabolic function will perform poorly.

When this happens, the body will give us signs. After eating dinner, you may suddenly feel bloated, which is a sign something isn’t being processed. It’s stuck. Without movement, stagnation occurs. While you might think your digestive system is weak, in reality your Liver function isn’t helping your digestive system smoothly process the food you just ate.

Your digestive system processes more than just food. It also processes emotions. Before dinner, you might have had a stressful meeting. Eating a meal while feeling intense emotions can lead to digestive upset or cause you to lose your appetite. If the Liver is working hard to process emotions, how can it fully support the Stomach’s digestive function?

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