• Essence of Summer: Food’s Healing Messages
    The Qi and healing messages you gain from foods are more effective than their nutritional or physical components.
  • Eating the TCM Way
    Try these five delicious Dragon's Way Qigong-friendly recipes that are sure to satisfy all summer long!
  • Liver Qi Refresh Video
    Enjoy this replay of the opening call for the Liver detox!
  • Nature’s Gift to Us
    Nature prepares each living thing for its species survival. A single onion can nourish, form new plants, and double or triple its reward. Learn to grow your own onions!
  • Eggs: a Symbol of Perfect Balance
    Eggs represent the promise of future life and represent yin/yang balance. Learn why and try this new recipe!
  • The Healing Power of Honey
    Suffering from seasonal allergies? Learn how and why honey can help repair your relationship with Nature.
  • Eating for Healing: Garlic Scapes
    Garlic scapes grow from the garlic plant about three weeks before harvest. These delicious and versatile greens have incredible healing benefits.
  • Bok Choy: A Liver-Loving Food!
    Learn how bok choy can support your Liver as the seasons transition! Join our upcoming Spring Harmony Journey, starting March 17!
  • Dumplings: A Legacy of Prosperity
    Dumplings and spring rolls are a celebrated part of Lunar New Year. Try some of these fillings to welcome luck and fortune into the Year of the Wood Dragon.
  • Lucky Foods for Lunar New Year
    Certain foods are thought to bring health, wealth, happiness, and prosperity. Enjoy these lucky foods as we welcome the Year of the Wood Dragon!
  • National Soup Month! Minestrone Soup
    The coldest season of the year asks us to turn inward and rest. Our hearty Minestrone Soup is a great way to give your digestive system some TLC.
  • Fall Cooking: Warming and Colorful
    Let Nature speak to you! Try these Fall recipes to support your body from the inside out. Our seasonal cleanse starts this Sunday!