Connecting to Spirit Through Food

One of the most important ways we connect to Spirit is through food. Because we don’t see Spirit, it’s hard for us to believe it can be realized through a material substance, yet food offers humans a powerful bridge. As with many things, when we look from a different angle, we can see different things. Let’s explore the nature of food from the spiritual angle.

Natural foods like honey or vegetables and fruits come from living plants or living things. To exist in this reality, it must follow natural law and the laws of the Universe, just as we do. Everything you eat is based on Universal love. Love comes from the inside out. A simple flower garden offers an example of something transformed by Nature’s unconditional love. In it, flowers bloom and butterflies and bees perform their duties. The flower does not try to outshine the others; it just wants to show its beauty. When it is fully in bloom, the flower has fulfilled its highest purpose. At the energetic level, this is how Nature shows its love. Since we are part of Nature and follow its laws, we also want to show our singular beauty and the love we entered this reality with that birth. Otherwise, we would not exist in this dimension. Embedded within us is the urge to fulfill our purpose—to bloom just like the flower.

Yin and Yang

In this reality though, you cannot just always receive. If you receive energy or love through the food you eat, at the highest level of functioning, you have to let that love flow through you and return it as well. We do not live in a close system. Energy always flows both ways. If the flow of Nature’s love cannot be processed through you and given or returned to others, it becomes stuck. You may become stuck physically, which can manifest as constipation.

No matter who you are, you play a singular role in the cycle of life as well as in the destiny of the Universe. Just as flowers have a responsibility to bloom, so too do you. Your job is to manifest your unique gifts. When you are able to do this, you increase your capacity for receiving even more. Your whole being can function at a higher level. This is the true purpose of metabolism function. Without manifesting itself externally, healthy metabolism has not completed its cycle of receiving, digesting, processing, transforming, and then manifesting itself. Without its application in your own life, the highest level of healthy metabolism function can’t be achieved. Metabolism function goes far beyond food.

Text excerpted from Digesting the Universe: A Revolutionary Framework for Healthy Metabolism Function.

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