Qigong Practice

  • Words of Wisdom: Seeing Beyond the Visible
    We've come to expect certain constants, even if they are not visible at a given time. Can you see beyond the visible? What’s happening underneath?
  • Qigong: the Mind-Body-Spirit Connection
    For everything we see, hear, or experience, there is so much more hidden under the surface. Experience Qigong to understand the mind-body-Spirit connection.
  • Balance
    What does balance truly mean, and is it attainable? Join us the next few Fridays as we delve into this concept and understand its application to our lives.
  • Meridians: Your Energy Network
    Your meridians are the invisible energy map of your body and a microcosm of the entire Universe. Learn more!
  • A Small Word With Great Meaning
    The words "get well" imply a message of hope during illness. By simply changing "get" to "stay," you send a message of balance.
  • Full Beaver Moon and Women’s Health
    The full moon is invisible for all but one day every month. It balances an entire month of energy in just one beautiful showing. Women hold this invisible power.
  • Qigong: The Practice of Inner Peace
    A quality Qigong practice, paired with a healthy eating style, and a more balanced lifestyle can bring you closer to a place of inner peace.
  • A Body In Constant Motion
    Many of us function in a state of never-ending motion. Do we know when or how to stop? Listen to the cues your body is sending.
  • Emotional Freedom: Keeping it Simple
    Emotions come from inside you. What you connect to is what you allow yourself to see. Qigong is the key to emotional freedom.
  • What is Your IQ?
    Qigong is a powerful energy practice that allows us to connect to our IQ—our Inner Qi.
  • How Do You Recharge?
    What do you do when your batteries are low? Follow these three tips to refill your tank.
  • Ancient Lineage: What Is at the Root of Your Practice?
    There are many Qigong masters out there and even more forms of Qigong. So how do you know which to follow?