Full Beaver Moon and Women’s Health

For one day every month, we look up to the skies and bask in the glow of Universal energy. This month, as the Full Beaver Moon illuminates the sky, we celebrate the power of the moon, and the power of women.

Women come from the moon family—the most powerful family. While the sun needs to show itself every day, the full moon is invisible for all but one day every month. It balances an entire month of Qi in just one beautiful showing. Women hold this invisible power.

In the full moon we see yin and yang, day and night, invisible and visible. When the full moon fills the sky, it affects the ocean tides and each one of us. Just as the ocean represents 70% of Earth, the human body is composed of about 70% water.

All life on Earth is based on the moon. That’s the power and the life behind you. The moon is always behind you. The invisible is always more powerful than the visible.

Enjoy Grand Master Lu’s words below.

Join Us in Meditation

As you stand in the light of the Full Beaver Moon, connect to the consciousness of this profound energy. Click the video below to practice The Dragon Stands Between Heaven and Earth with Grand Master Lu. As you stand in meditation, allow yourself to release the thoughts and emotions that no longer bring you happiness. Throughout the following day, spend time going through the possessions you’ve accumulated. What do you really need? Which items could bring joy to someone else? Share some items with a friend. Donate some others. Allow yourself to experience the freedom of letting go!

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