Mind, Body, Spirit

  • Effects of the Solar Eclipse
    What effect does the eclipse have on plants, animals, and people? And how do human and Universal energies collide?
  • Walking a Path of Purpose
    The energy you set out into the world—in how you relate to and respond to others, as well as the connections you form—works to build the very story of your life.
  • Liver and Stomach: Digestive Partners
    Did you know? The Liver is responsible for supporting the entire digestive system. Learn how these two organ systems are connected.
  • Inspiration to Start the Week: Seeing New Opportunities
    Nature provides us with one spectacular moment after the next. We can choose to see through these moments or get lost in their rapture.
  • Breaking the Seasonal Allergy Cycle
    Break the cycle of seasonal allergies with TCM. Learn how changing your mindset and approaching health from a fresh, new perspective can help you to heal.
  • Earth Laughs in Flowers
    Just as a giggle bubbles up and erupts into bellowing laughter, flowers begin to sprout and then unfurl into gorgeous creations.
  • What Do You Give of Yourself?
    We often give and give, and then give some more. But all of this giving taxes our resources. Find balance!
  • The Promise of Spring
    Master Lu reflects on the promise of Spring and the opportunity to catch this rising energy to allow ourselves to grow.
  • Life Is What You Make Of It
    Weave yourself a life filled with joy.
  • What Do You See?
    When you wake up on a gloomy day, what do you see—the pending storm or the possibility for a rainbow? Your perspective attracts like energy.
  • Learning to Listen
    Every ache, pain, or symptom that you feel is a message from your body. Your job is to listen. What is your body trying to tell you?
  • Waiting For the Abundance of Spring
    Spring is on the horizon, but the seasonal essence is cold. Slow down and turn inward. Deeply rest in preparation for your own Spring renewal.