All Stages of Growth

Nature continually provides examples and messages, if we know how to embrace them.

What is the first thing you see when you look at this photo? Most people would notice the large pink bloom. At deeper reflection, you might observe how the bloom’s color pops against the green backdrop or how the buds are tightly closed, except for one that shows a hint of pink from its petals underneath. You might even observe how the petals that aren’t quite ready to open are folded neatly over each other or how a sprinkle of pollen was left behind on the inside of the open flower. And did you notice how the leaves open and embrace the sun, while at the same time sheltering their beautiful treasures?

How Many Messages Can You Receive?

The beauty of nature is in the unseen–the messages within the messages that we can translate to our own lives. Just as the sepals protect the bud as it is forming, your skin protects everything inside of you. And just as this photo shows every stage of plant growth–from bud to flower–every life experience places us in various stages. Nearly everyone experiences and responds to life events differently–there isn’t one right way to feel when things happen. In a given situation, we may be like a new bud, protected by our friends and family–quietly contained. We may be almost ready to bloom, simply forming our understanding, but not quite ready to open ourselves. Or we may be like a flower–able to express ourselves and to allow our beauty to shine for all to see.

While this plant fulfills its destiny of producing colorful blooms, there is so much happening on the invisible level. Leaves turn the sun’s energy into food, roots absorb and filter water throughout the plant and bees pollinate the flowers. Likewise, in our bodies, there is much happening that we don’t see–things we may not even be aware of. Our organs perform both physical and energetic duties. In order for us to truly bloom like this gorgeous flower, the physical and energetic systems within each organ must communicate and harmonize. In turn, each well-functioning organ must communicate and harmonize with the others. When this happens, we experience good health and an even flow of emotions–we are truly balanced.

Begin to see these relationships in Nature and connect them to your life. What must you do to allow yourself to fully bloom? Begin to create your own harmonious story.