Room to Rest, Space to Regrow

Hydrangeas add gorgeous pops of color to the summer landscape. Depending on the variety, these flowers come in shades of blue, purple, and even stark white, and sometimes have blooms in multiple colors on the same branch. Gardeners may even experiment with changing the acidity of the soil to change the color of the bloom.

But as gorgeous as these flowers are in summer, they look like a collection of brown sticks from late fall through early spring. If someone happened upon a hydrangea during the off-season, they may mistakenly believe the plant to be dead, and may even dig it out of the soil. But those who know the beauty of hydrangeas see their potential. They know they must have patience and wait for the plant’s dormancy period to end in order to allow for its tremendous growth. If we give it room to rest and space to regrow, its eventual bloom is magnificent.

Can you allow yourself room to rest and space to regrow? As humans, we are in a state of continual change. Our lives keep moving forward, and as they do, we learn and grow in many ways. If we focus on the dead branches—or on what no longer works—we lose sight of our potential.