• Women’s Health: Creating Qi Life
    Nurturing life is the most important gift in women’s health. All of the wisdom inherent in nurturing is connected to love, creativity, and cooperation.
  • Women’s Health: Creating Qi Life
    Women are incredibly powerful. They can create life! But creating life is more than giving birth. How do we define life? In Chinese medicine, natural, Universal Qi combines with Earth Qi to create a human being. Using this definition, we are children of our parents, but also children of the universe. Women are capable of […]
  • Beyond Infertility: The Healing Gifts of Chinese Medicine
    Healthy pregnancies begin from a state of balance. Dr. Melissa Laborsky weighs in on the Western-Eastern connection, as it relates to fertility.
  • TCM Health Tip: Achieve Emotional Balance for Fertility
    It's amazing what your emotions can do! Read on to understand how balancing your emotions can help you overcome infertility.
  • How Emotions Can Affect Your Fertility & Health
    You may be surprised to learn that stress-related emotions such as anger or fear can affect your physical health, including your fertility. Before becoming pregnant we strongly suggest parents take time to balance their bodies so the developing fetus has the best “material” from which to develop. The health of the child is directly related […]